Friday, October 19, 2012

Skip childhood...... go right to adulthood

It seems like today's children are in a hurry to grow up.  The granddaughter is six....... going on thirty six.   (As noted by a lady as we waited in line for the bathroom at the local pizza parlor.)

Today I picked up Cody, the four year old from pre-school.  As usual he talked and talked and talked...... about anything and everything.  He is still young enough to require a booster seat in the car.  His oldest brother is nine and no longer has to have a car seat, although he has to sit in the back.  Cody proceeded to tell me that his older brother could sit in the front seat.  Of course I had to set him straight and told him that only adults could sit in the front seat.  He said his brother was an adult.  When I told him that his brother wasn't an adult, he said "Well he's a kidult!"

Now as I think about it, I think kidult should be part of our vocabulary.  Todays' kids are growing up way too fast.   They think they are older than they really are.  I guess we can thank the media for this.  Childhood is precious and we are quickly losing it.


Anonymous said...

As I read this I was thinking of a potentially "positive spin" on it for you: Oh, if only they could just go from kid to adult, without that awkward stretch in the middle where so many of them stop talking to kids or to adults for a while.... ;-)

Alice Walkowski said...

Yeah, Carol I agree. LOL