Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Get a jump on it.

The National Transit Building was built in 1890 by John D. Rockefeller and housed the financial, commercial and transportation dealings of the Standard Oil Co.  It is a four story building with an annex building built six years later.  The buildings are connected by a bridge  on the second floor that passes over the alleyway between the buildings.

Invariably when people visit the building, the one thing they all say is "How beautiful a building it is."  The architecture of the building is amazing even though it is old and in need of some TLC.  Everyone notices and comments on it.

So..... as I've been saying for quite awhile, I've designed some jewelry based on the architecture of the Transit Building.  (Finally got off my butt and got it moving.)  So far I've created four designs that are pretty much literally based on a piece of architecture somewhere in the two buildings.  I do plan on doing more but this is just a start.

On Saturday, at the Friends of the Transit Event in the Graffiti Gallery I will be demonstrating how to make a PPP plate and how to work with bronze clay.  After the demo I'll be giving away a piece of jewelry from my Transit Series.

In order to be eligible for the drawing, the designs need to be identified as to where they are located in the buildings.  (It should be easy, since the first designs are pretty literal.)  Be specific as to where the designs are located.  There will be forms in my studio for the scavenger hunt and some at the event which starts at five.

If you are coming to the event, or are going to be in the area this is your chance to get a jump (and more time to look) on the game.  Winner need not be present.

Here are the designs, but the official forms must be picked up at my studio or at Saturday night's event.
Good Luck!

All jewelry will be available on my Etsy site (once I get decent photos.)

(I plan on doing other jewelry series and conducting more games.  These will be online search games.)  Stay tuned....... although it may be awhile. 

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