Thursday, November 8, 2012

It just keeps coming

I'm still trying to figure out the perks of being old..... besides retirement and grandchildren.

This past week I have been very productive.   In fact I think I've gotten more done this week than I did all summer.   I've been trying to get as many pieces done for my Transit Series as I can.  The four designs turned into eighteen pieces of jewelry.

I've been working my fingers to the bone every day.  Well, actually I've been working my fingers until they cramp (and I mean cramp!)  Yesterday I was doing some wire wrapping to finish off rubber cording.  That means holding on tightly and making small tight motions.  Last night I could hardly sleep as my right hand hurt so much and this morning I wasn't able to make a fist or hold a pencil.   It wasn't bad enough that my hand hurt but my inner thigh cramped up too last night at 4 AM.  (If you've never experienced that one..... you don't want too.  It's a killer pain like nothing I've ever experienced.)   Even though my hand hurt like hell today , I knew I had to keep trying to use it.  (Thank goodness for Aleve.)

Today I went to the studio again to finish up twelve silver pieces.   I wasn't sure how things were going to go (it even hurt to push the gear shift in the car) but eventually my hand loosened up and I was able to get all twelve pieces finished.

As I was polishing the liver of sulfur off the pieces I realized that I was using small tight  motions again.  (If I don't sleep again tonight....... I'll cry.  Oh wait.... I cried last night when my thigh cramped; so I'll cry again.)  Damn this never happened when I was young.  I'm afraid to find out what is going to cramp up next.  It just keeps coming.

Anyway,  here is a not so good picture of one of the finished silver pieces.  (For some reason photographing this one is giving me fits.)  It's a dainty necklace based on the architecture of the National Transit Building.  (Not going to tell you where the design inspiration is located until next week.)  At least my mind is still sharp enough (for the moment) to not slip up and give out the location.   The piece hangs from an  eighteen inch curb chain and sports a Swarovski crystal.  I made six of these pieces (each with different colors of crystals) as I think they will be well received.

Tomorrow night I'll post more pictures of some of the other jewelry.  (If I'm able to type after polishing today.)  


Zoe Nelson said...

That necklace is gorgeous! I wish I could enter the contest. I had a cramp in my calf a few nights ago. Not only is it excruciating, but why does it have to happen in the middle of the night???

Alice Walkowski said...

LOL. Yes it always happens when sleeping. I've only had the inner thigh cramp four times in my life (and that is four times too many.) Try some acupressure when you get a leg cramp. Pinch and push on the area right between your nostrils. That has helped me with cramps in other parts of my legs (but not the inner thigh so much.) Nothing helps with that except crying and praying I pass out until it's over.

Anonymous said...

Well, I just figure that, as I've aged, my body had decided (learned?) it doesn't have to wait so long to let me know that I've mis-used a part of it.

Take it easy enough that you will be able to continue doing this!