Sunday, January 20, 2013

The operative word is "locked"

Spending a few days in Hilton Head, SC with a couple of friends.

The weather is gorgeous.  Back home today it was 24 degrees.  Here it was 64 degrees and we actually saw sunshine.  I almost forgot what that was.

We had a great lunch at a restaurant on the inter coastal waterway (actually got to sit outside.) The picture is showing the 18th hole of the Heritage Classic Golf Tournament.  (The tournament starts the week of April 14th on Hilton Head Island.)

My friends

The day turned out to be a great day but did not start out that way.  

We got ready to leave and my friend discovered that both her car keys and her condo keys were "locked in" her house.  Her friend who has her spare key was away on a cruise.  What to do?  What to do?

Call a locksmith?  Borrow a ladder?  But where?  With a ladder we could crawl up to the second floor balcony, over the railing and get in through the french doors.  (You go...... I'm afraid of heights.)  The high school kid who lives downstairs was taking down Christmas lights but didn't have a ladder.  He pulled out a chair put wasn't tall enough.  

My other friend mentioned that someone told her you could pick a lock with a credit card.  They only do that in movies right?  To shorten this story, the teenager said he could try it for us since he got into his house that way once.  It took him all of two seconds.  From now on she is locking the deadbolt too when she goes out.  It's scary how fast he got that door open.  

Got in the car and headed to another friend's condo.  She lives on the third floor.  Now, when the elevator is making a high pitched whistle it should be a warning to not go in.  We didn't listen.  Earlier we were "locked out", now we were "locked in."  No amount of button pushing would make anything work.  And the damn whistling just kept up.   Not sure how long we were in there.  Thank goodness it wasn't long (or that whistling would have driven us nuts.)  (Okay, nuttier!)

Just another typical day!

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