Sunday, April 14, 2013

The un-exhibition reception

I'm sorry that I haven't posted in awhile.  I was on vacation and making jewelry was on my mind, but somehow other things got in the way....... like golfing, shopping, swimming, shopping, boating, eating, eating and eating.  (Pretty sad when the place I visited the most in Florida was "Heavenly Pizza" in the Merchant's Crossing Plaza.  It's the first time I've had a waitress say, "The usual?"....... time to get back to Weight Watchers.)

Anyway, I'm home (and in my yearly funk for a few weeks.  Don't know why that happens.  Maybe the sudden lack of warm air and sunshine?)

I finally made it back to the studio this past Saturday for our monthly Second Saturday Open Studios.  I did have a few visitors (and even made a sale..... YAY!)  But, most of my time was spent cleaning and restocking the studio.  (I always take way too much "stuff" to Florida.)

Usually, the Graffiti Gallery has an opening that coincides with Open Studios but this time there were not enough entries to have a show.  (It was decided that we should still have the reception ...... any reason for a party!)

The reception was really nice ..... and we had an exhibit of empty canvases and frames.  (It was probably one of the easiest shows to hang.  Oh..... there's a nail, another one hung.)  

The piece in the corner may look like a work, but it's actually pieces of styrofoam which is the base media for JoannWheeler's work.  

Of course a Gallery reception isn't complete without wine and food.  


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