Monday, March 18, 2013

Road Kill Series

Last year, my Grandson found a little metal piece (that looked like the top to some kind of shaker) on the road that had been run over by a car.  The piece was bent, flattened and interesting.  After making a mold of the piece, I used the mold to make a pair of earrings.  I called them "Road Kill" earrings

A few weeks ago I came across some more "Road Kill."  Now I have more designs to add to this series.  Unlike the jeweler I heard speak at an art conference years ago, I don't have to worry about the "smell."  He made beautiful jewelry out of the bones of real road kill.

My latest addition to this collection came in the form of beer caps that had been run over.  (The local CVS is next to a beer store.)

The latest acquisitions are a "Bud Light" cap and a "Busch Light" cap.  (At least the beer drinkers around here are trying to save calories.)  Once again I made a mold of the pieces.  So far I've only made a pair of earrings out of the Bud Light cap.  I really like them and thought about keeping them for myself.  (But I just can't keep it all....... although I am due for a new pair of earrings.)  

Top piece is the Bud Light and the bottom cap is the Busch Light.

The mold retained a little of the folded over feel.  
The files I mentioned in yesterday's post made it easy to sand the inside curve.  


convergentseries said...

Does this mean, as you walk between parking lot and your studio, that instead of taking the river-side path past the ginkgo tree, now you are going to start walking along the street seeking more road kill...?!

Alice Walkowski said...

Probably vary the walk from day to day although Ginkgo is preferable to road kill.