Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Time to be creative

 As I mentioned in my last post, I was heading to Pittsburgh to take a class in using the Silhouette Cameo to create bezels in metal clay.  That wasn't the only class I was taking this weekend though.  I also took a copper and bronze class from my friend Carol Scheftic.  (More about that in a later post.)

Wanaree's class was so much fun (and of course informative.)  We learned her technique for creating intricate bezels with metal clay sheet.  (We also learned how much patience she has when it comes to embellishing her bezels.)  I got a chance to spend time with some of my guild members and meet new people.  It was a great group and we all got along.  (That doesn't always happen in a class.)

 Wanaree helping Pete Barrett (with my Silhouette machine in the foreground.)  Pete came all the way from Canada to take Wanaree and Carol's classes.  She and I both stayed at Carol's house.  Pete is such a fun person that she fit right in.  Everyone hated to see her go back to Canada.  

Everyone got their pieces fired and some were able to insert their stones.  A few of us had to take our pieces with us and re-fire them as they did not shrink enough.  We think the reason for the small amount of shrinkage was because our pieces were close to the door in the kiln.  That area of the kiln sometimes is not as hot.   Carol was nice enough to re-fire my piece for me and the shrinkage was  considerably different.  Except......... for some unknown reason one of the bezel loops disappeared.  
So......... it's time to be creative (and patient.) 

Here's the piece out of the kiln (the first firing.)  I'll try to work on it soon so I can share the finished piece.  

Sorry the pictures aren't better.  They were taken with my phone (but at least it gives you the idea.)

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