Wednesday, June 19, 2013

If nothing else....... Vampires!

For years, I've been wanting to get rid of the weeds behind my deck and plant something nice there.  This year I got off my butt and finally did it.

We planted three Knockout Rose bushes there and added some kitchy (although I love them) garden decorations.  The roses took well (except the damn weeds keep trying to come back) and all was going well....... until the gypsy moths arrived.  They were everywhere and it gives me the creeps.

As before, we taped and greased our trees to try and keep them from reaching the leaves.

I never dreamed those crappy little worms also had a taste for roses.  I bought knock out roses because I have a black thumb when it comes to plants and I read that these were very, very easy to grow.  They are drought resistant, self cleaning, disease resistant and bloom continually from April to fall.  And they were doing so well, until one day I noticed they weren't looking as full as they had before.  That's when I found them....... the gypsy caterpillars.

Last night I got on line and found a home remedy that I decided to try.  It involved steeping garlic, onion and Red hot sauce.  Letting the concoction cool; then straining it so it can be sprayed onto the plants with a spray bottle.  

Let me just say...... if this doesn't work, nothing will.  While I was steeping it I had a major sinus attack and used half a box of tissues.  I had a hard time sleeping because the smell permeated back to the bedroom.  By morning, the cool liquid did not smell as bad until I started to strain it.  Another sinus attack took place.  

So, I sprayed the roses and around the base of the roses I placed the cooked onions and garlic pieces.  This may not work (but I sure hope it does.)  But at least I won't have to worry about Vampires.  

(Also found this great garden piece at Hobby Lobby.  Inside are different levels of blue, brown and greenish stones.  It was just what I had been looking for.  The outside is developing a nice brown rusty surface.  So Arty!!!)

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