Friday, June 28, 2013

Some things are more important than others

It seems like I haven't done any classes for such a long time and then all the sudden I have a lot of classes.

I was tired after my class on Wednesday so I just left the mess and went back in yesterday to clean up and prepare for my next class in Tionesta on Saturday.

My class on Saturday is on making lentil beads.  That class requires me to take some tools and equipment that I don't usually use.  So, as I was packing I was trying to remember to take this and that.  Usually a warming tray or candle warmer is enough to dry pieces but since lentil beads don't lay flat I have to take a hair dryer and a box to support the hair dryer.  Check!

The clay has to be dried over a curved form, either light bulbs, a paint palette or commercial rounded drying form.   Packed?   Check!

Since all the tool kits were out, those were easy enough.  Check!  Sandpaper, olive oil, texture plates, molds, distilled water, alcohol, CZ's, rubber blocks, work mats, vermiculite, bowl to hold vermiculite, necklaces, jump rings, beading wire, etc. etc. etc.  Check!

All packed.  Just a matter of hauling it all down to the car.  (Pray the elevator is working!)

Ready to go home..... wait a minute.  I think I forgot something.......... oh no.  I forgot the clay.  Anything else I could probably make due.  But the clay?   No clay...... no class.  Some things are definitely more important than others.

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