Saturday, June 29, 2013

Have Kiln..... will travel!

Today I made the trek to the beautiful Tionesta Area.  It's the second time I've taught a class for the Tionesta Area Arts Council.  Class today was held in the visitor center which was just perfect.  The lighting was great and everything was close at hand.  And as usual the people were great.  (I just love teaching and meeting people.  As usual, we had a good time and lots of laughs.)

The focus of the class was making silver lentil beads but of course we made other things too.  (It's amazing how far a nine gram pack of PMC3 can go.)  The above photo is of Denise and Julia showing off their completed beads.  (Sorry I never remember last names....... I'm lucky to remember first names!)

This photo shows one side of Becky's bead (that's the beauty of lentil beads....... they are two sided.)
Becky used some extra clay to make this head from a mold she brought with her.  (It's not yet fired here.)  She is taking it home to add hair and a crown (and do a nose repair.  It got a little flattened.)

Once again the other pictures I took were not good enough to share.  I wish they were, there were so many nice pieces made today.  

I love teaching metal clay, no matter where I go.  But there is a big difference when I'm on the road and when I'm at the studio.  I like to give my students a chance to create using their vision for a piece and try to pack as many different tools as I can.  But invariably someone comes up with a great idea and I have the perfect tool "back at the studio."  Today was no different.  We could have used carving tools, more chains and cords, and more templates among other things.  We make do and figure things out, but having the right tools sure makes it easier.  

What I need is a studio "on wheels!"  Then it can all go with me where ever I go.  

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