Monday, July 1, 2013

9 grams

16 grams of PMC3 is what I usually give my students in a class.  16 grams is about the size of a quarter.    When my students open it they usually wonder if it is going to be enough...... and it is.  It's more than enough.

Silver has gone down in price in recent weeks, but in March when I was preparing for a class (that didn't happen) the price was up.  To try to cut the price of the class down I decided to go with the 9 grams pack instead of my usual 16 gram.

It wasn't until last Wednesday when I taught my class  that I finally opened a package.  (Hesitantly I might add.)  I'd been worrying that it wouldn't be enough.   It definitely looked much smaller.   But as soon as I went to roll it out four cards thick I breathed a sigh of relief.  It would work and the price would be kept down.

Pieces are going to be smaller which is actually a good thing for me.   I tend to make rather large (and expensive) pieces.  One of my students on Saturday managed to get three nice size pieces out of the 9 gram pack with some left over.

So, 9 grams it is.

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