Saturday, August 3, 2013

Bending the night away.

When it comes to wire wrapping, I'm all thumbs.  I decided to take the time to practice.  (And I had some friends who were interested in some basic wrapping that got me moving.)  Nothing fancy, as I really don't have any desire to do the intricate stuff.

So...... I pulled out all my books (and bought a new one ), gathered my spools of copper wire, (and bought some more) and grabbed my tool kit.

On Friday I was gallery sitting by myself in the Graffiti Gallery with very few visitors, so it was a good time to begin practicing.

I made some basic pieces that I'm going to turn into earrings.  One of the things I had to practice was making two pieces that were pretty much alike.  Every time I try to hold two pieces of wire together and bend them it never works.  But, I think I've pretty well figured out how to remake the second piece (with the help of a magic marker.)

I'm going to add beads to these eventually.

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