Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Labor Day Tradition

Another Labor Day has come and gone.  And another visit with my college roommate has passed.  I'm not sure how many Labor Days we've been doing this but it's a lot.  

I pick her up and we head to my camper on Lake Erie, spend a few days there, head to my house for a few days and then I take her back.  Usually it's a week or more that we spend together.  Of course we do the usual things like eating, shopping and running all over creation to visit interesting spots. 

We always stop In Findley Lake, NY at the Holiday craft show.  Lunch at the Blue Heron there is always a must as is buying our yearly bag of Kettle Korn.  (One for us and one for my husband.)

Not too far from the campground is The House of the Potter in North East, PA.  It's a nice little gallery with paintings, ceramics, woodcrafts, music, jewelry and stained glass among other things. 

We do some running around when we come home, but this year most of our time home was spent in the studio.  

Every year we make something.  One year we made polymer clay covered pens.  Another year we brought home our Erie Beach glass and combined it with metal clay.  Last year we did etching on copper sheet.   

At the camper this year we practiced making links with copper wire.  We made about ten different links (lots of practice.)  Then we put the links together to make a really pretty chain.  I took some really nice pictures of the finished chain....... but don't ask me where they went.  I think my computer ate them.  

Instead I have a picture of some of the piles of links we made...... so it will have to do.  But take my word for it the chain was nice.

Check my blog tomorrow to see pictures of what we made in metal clay this year.   Hopefully my computer doesn't eat those before I get to post them.  

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convergentseries said...

One chain? Chains are fun to make, when one has the time! Here's hoping that you, or your friend, still have the one you made, despite the lack of photos ... so far, at least.