Friday, September 6, 2013

This year my roommate and I worked on making fine silver crosses out of the metal clay.

I made crosses once before, but never really spent the time focusing on a variety of crosses.  My goal was to make some crosses that would appeal to guys.  There are five of them finished so far, but I plan on making more.  I am really enjoying it.

Cindi was making a cross for herself, so it is more feminine.

Every time I make a cross I tend to use the same texture, a thick mass of tree branches.   For me it seems to fit the religious theme.  (The one in the lower left of course is the only one that doesn't use that texture. )  I was really pleased with the way they all turned out.  (Some of the designs are as planned and some of course took a different course.  As usual, my jewelry decided how it wanted to look........  I've learned to pay attention.)  

The CZ in the upper cross started out as an emerald green color.   Obviously it changed in the kiln.  This is only the second time I've had that happen and both times it was a green stone, although they were both different shades of green.  Now the stone is a deep reddish brown color.  Actually it's quite pretty but not what it was supposed to be.    

Four of them are going to hang on a braided leather necklace.  The cross in the upper right corner will hang on a piece of suede.  It has a hidden bail and needs a thinner cord.  

I'm looking forward to making more and playing with the cross theme some more.  Maybe making some feminine crosses too.  We'll see!


Zoe Nelson said...

I've had green CZs change color, too. I wonder why? I also had one melt and wondered if it was a CZ or if someone sold me glass instead.

Alice Walkowski said...

Thank goodness I've never had one melt. This stone was such a pretty emerald color.