Friday, September 27, 2013

Bottoms Up.

In a much earlier post I mentioned that the drugstore is near the beer distributor.   And that I found a couple of flattened beer bottle caps in the parking lot.   One is a Bud Light cap, the other is a Busch cap.  (I think I've already share the earrings I made from the caps....... but I'm going to share them again.)

Two part silicone mold is an amazing material.  One part is usually white and the other is a color.  Both parts come in their own containers and don't do anything until they are mixed.  Equal parts of each compound are mixed into a ball.  Then the item to be molded is pushed into the ball and left to firm up; which usually only takes a few minutes.  When the mold sets up, the item is removed and voila...... a mold of the piece.

When the mold is ready, it doesn't need to be oiled as the clay will not stick to it.  The clay can be taken out while wet and used, as it was for this ring.  This way it can be shaped around a piece.  Or it can be left to dry in the mold before it is removed.

The beer caps molds .........

The finished silver pieces.....

"Bud Light"


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