Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Puttin' in the Time

I do it to myself all the time.   I say I'm going to do something and then I don't follow through.  (I suspect that I'm not alone in this.)  Here are some examples.

Tomorrow I'm going to lose weight.  Okay, how about next Monday.  Wait, how about the beginning of the month.

This week I'm going to get up early and take off running,  (Well, actually what I'll be doing is walking.)  And then I have a bad night of not sleeping and any energy that I planned on having for a workout is spent sleeping in.

I'm going to start eating more vegetables and fruits and less junk food.  (I think the blob in my vegetable bin use to be pears.  Now I have to clean out my fridge.)

I'm going to keep on top of the paperwork for my business.  Once a week I'm going to enter the purchases and sales into the computer.  Once a week I'll take pictures of all the pieces I made during the week and enter them into the pages for my photo folder; then print them.  Well, I guess my weeks are two to three months long.  Because that's about how long it's been since I entered any business info into the computer.

Procrastination results in hours and hours of time spent getting everything entered.  It also is cause for such questions as "What was that?"  "What did I mean when I wrote that."  "Where did that come from and where is that?"

Well, I am now all caught up.  It may not be January 1st but I am making a resolution right now.  I resolve to keep on top of the paperwork by entering the week's business every Sunday night.  (So help me God!)


Zoe Nelson said...

Good luck with that! And, no, you're not alone!!

Alice Walkowski said...

LOL I was pretty sure I wasn't Zoe.