Thursday, January 9, 2014

How to impress your girlfriend!

This post should have taken place in 2013, but as I mentioned in my last post...... I fell behind.

If you've been reading my blog, you'll remember that this past summer I had a young man (Alex) who has muscular dystrophy come into the studio to make his mother a ring.  When he came to the studio his cousin (Brandon) came with him to help him out.

In late November Brandon texted me wanting to know if he could come into my studio and learn how to make a ring.  He needed to have it done by Christmas as he was making it as a Christmas present.

Alex made a by-pass ring which is made flat.  Brandon's ring was made to size on a ring mandrel.  (He had his girlfriend's roommate check her ring size when she was out.)  He wanted the ring to have an organic feel.  At first he was thinking branches and leaves but ended up making vines and leaves.

His mother stopped by to take pictures so he had proof that he did indeed make the ring.  (I figured that his girlfriend wouldn't believe it.  He did such a nice job.)

How much more a gift means when it's made from the heart.  

(One of the nicest things my husband ever did for me was take the money out of the church envelope and buy me a dress that I wanted.  Now I know that sounds bad, but he didn't have any money and I was certainly surprised........ Sorry Lord!)

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Anonymous said...

Gosh, if you hadn't mentioned being "behind," I could just have assumed you'd waited until you were sure Brandon's girlfriend had received the gift!