Sunday, March 2, 2014

Number Four

Once again I picked up a flattened beer cap.  Not sure what brand it is.  But it's been added to my collection.  What will it become?  Time will tell.

This one had a crack in the center which will add interest.  Often I've been cutting the centers out to save clay, but don't think that will happen to this one.

The yellow piece is the mold I've made from the new bottle cap.  A two part silicone mold making material is used.  Equal parts of the material are mixed together to activate the firming process.  The piece is then pushed into the mix before it cures.  After curing, the piece is removed and the mold is ready to take the clay.  One of the nice things about the silicone mold is that is does not require a release agent.  Molds are a good way to make multiples which can still be manipulated to make each one a unique piece.

I think I'll offer a mold making class this spring.  Does that sound like a good idea?  Everyone can bring in items to make molds that will be used to make their metal clay designs.


Zoe Nelson said...

I see a round stone in the center of this one.

Alice Walkowski said...

You and I think alike Zoe.