Monday, March 17, 2014

Those are my Grandmother's hands!

Did you ever  really, really want to take a class..... only to have it canceled because not enough people signed up?  It's happened to me and it really bums me out.  That's why I try to still have the class even if it's one on one.

My ring class for the Lee County Alliance for the Arts was a no go.  But I knew that Annemarie really wanted to take it so we did it at the house and had a great time.

The title of this post is a comment Annemarie made when she took pictures of her ring on her finger.  She said "that's not my hand, that's my Grandmother's."  I had to laugh since the last time I took pictures of rings on my fingers I felt the same way.  So I immediately went to my daughter in law and used her as my hand model.  

(I should make toe rings........ my feet take better pictures than my hands.  I guess they don't age at the same rate.)

Oh,  here's my ring I made as a demo for the class (on Annemarie's hand.) 


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CatsNOrchids said...

Proud to be the subject of this blog entry, and PROUD to have learned a little of this wonderful craft from you! And I also think it was so giving of you to open your home to me for a one-on-one class. Couldn't have asked for a better experience. Looking forward to another class when you are back in SW FL next year!