Saturday, October 25, 2014

More AppleFest musings

Haven't posted anymore musings lately and I felt it was time to finish them up....... so here goes.

If a show says it opens at 10:00...... be open by 9:00.  Or better yet by 8:30.  Each day of the show brought visitors long before the starting time.  On Friday the pancake breakfast was over at 8:30 and no one wanted to go home and come back.  On Sunday the car show brought cars in early...... some before 7:30. And what do those people want to do to kill time before the car show starts?  I'm not sure why people were there early on Saturday but they were.

Those vintage cars are noisy!  I was in my tent setting up and the noise as they roared down the street was stifling.  I'm glad I don't live on the incoming street.  (I'm basically not a morning person unless I really have to.)

Having someone to help you out is a must.  (I guess it can be done but it sure is easier.)  Pee breaks and food runs are much easier.  I never did get out to just walk around and look but that was okay.  I might have bought something.

Want a good laugh?  Just sit back and listen to the husband and wife teams go at it as they set up.  Now, I'm not saying that my husband and I didn't provide some laughs too.  I'm sure I barked out orders too (it seemed the wife usually was the one) and then we all made sure our men knew we loved them.  (Hey, we needed them to help take down!)

There is a lot to be learned from your craft show neighbors.  Listen up and pay attention.

Damp air accelerated tarnishing on fine silver.

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