Sunday, October 26, 2014

What to do with craft show earnings

At first it's wow, look how much money I made at the craft show....... and then reality sets in.   Bills have to be paid.  There is rent, insurance, and credit card bills.  Damn, somebody has to pay them.

So I wrote checks for those expenses but made sure to save out a little to put back into the business.  (I usually do.)

Come next spring I plan on buying carrying bags for the tent poles (those are heavy suckers!)  But for now I bought a rolling jewelry case that holds fifteen trays.  I bought divided inserts for the trays and foam covers.  I figured the case is something I can use now so it took top priority.

Before this I was dumping everything into nested white boxes and clear shoe boxes and small white jewelry boxes.  It was a hunt and peck method, often leading to tangled or missing pieces.  It will take longer to load this up, but at least things will be more organized.

I have to admit though at first I thought I got ripped off.   I pulled up the side zipper and un-velcroed (is that a word?) bottom.  The flap would only open wide enough for me to get thirteen trays in.  What?  Why doesn't it zip across the top so it opens wider?  So, I went to bed perturbed and thinking about how I could alter it to make it work.  I'm glad I didn't do anything.  A couple of days later I found another zipper on the left and now all fifteen trays slide in so easily.  Another senior moment!

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