Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Submarine Rock

    This is the third out of four of my rock pendants (the fourth one isn't done yet.  It is one of those that is still speaking to me..... been doing that for three months now!)  While working on this piece, I was drilling a hole with a bur setting bit (creates a conical hole for the stone to set in), when I pushed a little too hard.  (There I go again!)  So, time to be creative.  I had a red CZ already set in a metal clay bezel that fit perfectly over the hole.  (Actually it was rather cavernous.)

    The piece also makes use of the same texture as "Mother Earth" but for some reason this piece reminded me of a submarine, hence the title.  All three rock pendants also have syringe work on them.  (I've come a long way baby with that syringe.  Now I control it.... somewhat.)  The fourth pendant does not, (so far.  Only time will tell.)

   I had a strand of garnet beads that seemed to go well with the CZ.  I also made some end caps to finish off the strand of beads and tie in with the texture on the bead. Okay, I just took a second look and I guess they aren't end caps but beads.  (Another mental lapse.) The picture didn't turn out as well as I wanted it to, but it still shows what it looks like.  Still working on the picture taking so I can start posting things on Etsy again.  

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