Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mother Earth

    Here is another one of the rock pendants.  I still may change how I hang the pendant as I don't really like the plain black rubber cord. 

    All of these pendants start out plain and get textured and embellished after they are cut apart and pasted together.  That way there is contrast between the smoothness of the rock shape and the texture.  This particular texture is one that I originally didn't like.  But for some reason it now appeals to me and I have used it in three of the rock pieces.  It's probably because it has a very "earthy" feel to it.

   This particular piece reminds me of the strata of the earth, hence the name "Mother Earth".  Usually my pieces are tumbled and receive a patina, but this piece told me that it wouldn't look right.  (Yes my pieces talk to me.... don't yours?)  I've made four rock pieces so far and only one of them was tumbled and darkened.   They tell me they look best with a matte finish.

   Most of my work isn't finished in one sitting.  It has to sit and "simmer" while I look at it and decide what it wants me to do.  Often it takes a big journey before it becomes it's final self.  (Occasionally it goes back and takes another journey or two, changing as my perspective of it changes over time.)



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