Sunday, March 7, 2010

Last post on painting

This is my last post on portrait painting. In an earlier post I said I would share some self-portraits, so this is it.

The multiple portrait was done over 30 years ago. It was first a drawing done by looking into a round mirror. Then I took the drawing, copied it with a zerox machine and added the color in by hand.

The brown self portrait was also done by looking into a mirror. It was done in oil and was more a portrait of how I was feeling, than of how I actually looked. I did it in school while my students were working. They all were aghast at how unlike me it looked. (Notice one brown and one green eye..... my eyes are blue!)

The last portrait was done during a four day class at Savannah College of Art and Design. (Oh how I loved those teacher week long workshops.) We sat in front of full length mirrors while painting and I stressed over my portrait. (At least someone at the reception recognized it as me. Success!) The assistant to the professor (who looked like a kid himself. Darn everyone looks like a kid anymore) told me that I was a violent painter. Huh? The favorite part of this painting was my neck. It is almost like an abstract painting. (Funny though, I don't like those abstract line in my real neck.)

Anyway, these are the last of my paintings (this is a metal clay post after all!) Just thought I'd share. Now, onto more metal clay. I'm back to the studio tomorrow and have some ideas. Thanks for looking.

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