Saturday, March 6, 2010

More class paintings

The portrait painting class is over (for me any way.) I had to come back home. This is something that I hadn't done in a long, long, long time (get the picture?) It was really fun and I know that if I took more classes and worked on it I would get better. (But that is my goal for metal clay, not painting.)

In the next to the last class, we did a painting from a live model. Mine was looking pretty good until I got to the eyes. Since her eyes were difficult for me to see, I ended up making stylized eyes. (Exactly what I tried to keep my students from doing all those years.) But, it did look somewhat like her.

The last class was spent practicing hair and another portrait from a magazine. There was only an hour left when I started my magazine portrait and I was pretty happy with it. It was the best one so far. Unfortunately I ran out of time and won't be finishing it, since I would be stylizing the rest of the portrait if I did it from memory. (What memory?)

Oh, and I threw in a picture of a little girl I did when I was in high school. (Can't imagine that I kept it all these years and that I could actually find it.) See what I mean about my painting ability being high school level?

If you are ever on Pine Island, Florida, stop in to visit the Pine Island Art Association. They have a building on Matlacha where they meet and teach classes. Dianna Willman was the instructor for my portrait class. She is a very sweet lady, a good teacher and a patient person. (I just loved listening to her soft voice.) (I should practice speaking softly. Nah, too many years of trying to be heard in a noisy classroom. Why change now?)

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