Friday, March 5, 2010

New life

As was stated in the past post, I saw a newborn dolphin in the wild. My friends and I were walking across the bridge at Matlacha, Florida when we spotted the dolphins. There were quite a few dolphins, swimming and jumping. We knew the one dolphin was considerably smaller than the other, but never realized it was a newborn.

The clerk in the nearby gift shop filled us in on the details. Newborns have white under bellies and are nudged up to the surface of the water by their mothers. I assume this is to get air into their lungs, since they are mammals. We saw this going on, but didn't know why. There also were lots of other dolphins swimming around them in the area. We were told these were the "aunts" helping out. What ever the details are, it was an amazing sight. I love seeing animals in the wild. (Saw a couple of wild boars and an alligator too.)

The picture was taken by my friend Debbie. She took a lot of pictures, trying to get a good shot, but those darn dolphins were quicker than her shutter finger. The baby is on the left.

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