Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Thumbs Hurt!

My thumbs hurt!

Thought I'd better put up my new tent before tomorrow. So, this morning I did just that. There are just too darn many of those little buttons you push that snap into holes. I've never had much strength in my hands, let alone my fingers and thumbs. I had to have the nine year old neighbor boy help me with it. His thumbs were fresh. Not only did they have to be pushed in to put it together but they had to be pushed in to take it apart. What the heck! My thumbs probably won't work tomorrow morning.

Also, the instructions for putting the tent up were wonderful. But, there were no instructions for taking it down. Going in reverse wasn't all that successful and it was pretty physical. I got quite a work out.
I see why artists don't like one day shows. It's too much darn work.

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