Friday, July 23, 2010

What is success?

If success is measured in dollars, my first day of my first show was not successful.

So.... why do I feel successful? Maybe because money wasn't my goal. I went into this show for the experience and my first day provided lots of experience. Experience with wind, rain (heavy rain), thunder and 90 degree heat in the shade. (Thank God I bought two fans last night and paid to have electricity at my site.)

That expensive tent was well worth the money. Neither wind nor rain bothered it. In fact we zipped up and stayed inside during the heavy storm. (Several others lost walls and one person lost "all" her inventory.)

I made contacts with many, many people and one never knows where those contacts will lead. Lots of people are interested in the classes.

One of my biggest goals was to have a high class display. Never having done a show before, I was a little apprehensive about that. An artist friend was told to come over to see my display because it was so beautiful and professional looking. Someone else told me that it out-shined all the other displays and still another person told me it had a gallery feel. She mentioned that it was obvious that I had done many shows. (Nope, this is my first.)

I took pictures (since other shows want to see what your booth looks like.) I only had my small camera with me, so they are probably not the best. Tomorrow I'm taking my Nikon D40 and hopefully will have better pictures.

I would have shown you the pictures I took today, but I can't find my camera. I seem to have misplaced it. (Thought I knew where it was, but the heat fried my brain.) Hopefully I find it tomorrow or it's going to put a damper on my feeling of success. (Come to think of it.... I hope I can find my Nikon. Not sure where it is either!)


Anonymous said...

Here's wishing you success, Alice, no matter how you measure it!

I also wish you success in locating those cameras: I look forward to seeing how the lovely display I saw in your studio (where you have done many shows already) translated into actual booth!

Alice Walkowski said...

Thanks Carol. Both cameras were found and you're right, I never thought about all the displays I set up in the front studio.