Saturday, March 10, 2012

Model Me!

Last fall I signed up for Tonya Davidson's "Artful Success Class."   This is an online course and  I have to admit that I wasn't the best student.  By the time I sat down in the evening to listen to the class I was so tired (that's what happens when you get old) that I often found myself dozing.  (Sorry Tonya, but your voice is very soothing.)

Thankfully, Tonya had it set up so that we could download each of the class sessions.  I had big plans to listen to them while I worked at the studio.  For me, that is actually the best option.  (And again, I have to admit that I haven't made use of that option very often.)

I did most of the initial paper assignments so that part is done, but there is still so much that I need to work on (like self promotion.)  I'm the person who ran for class treasurer in high school and voted for the other person because I thought that was what nice people do.  (Silly me....... she won by one vote!)

Anyway,  enough rambling.   One of the points of the class was to advertise our jewelry by showing someone wearing it.  (I did think that was a great idea and chose some people I thought would make good models.  Never followed through on that one though, except for using my daughter in law as my hand model.   (Can't beat young hands with an impeccable manicure.)

But it is true!  Showing people wearing my jewelry is the way to go.  Every time I do some kind of show, people like what I have on.  It never fails.  They look everything over, ooh and ah about how nice everything is and then say..... what I really like is what you are wearing.   Usually, I'm wearing some of my personal collection which I don't want to part with.  Better start wearing the "for sale" stuff (and leave the price tags on since I can't remember the price once I take the tag off.)  Besides needing bi-focals and falling asleep early, memory loss is also one of those getting older bonuses.  

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