Thursday, April 19, 2012

It's about time

There are several large windows in the National Transit Building.  A couple of them are filled with items from the National Transit Gallery which sells art by local artists.  

Swan Daashuur, one of the other jewelers in the studios, has had her work displayed in one of the other windows for the past year or so.  Her work looks amazing displayed on three ornate columns, especially at night with the lights on them. (Her work looks amazing no matter where it is displayed!)   For the longest time she has wanted me to display work in the other window.  

Last year I bought four small columns, intending to use them in the other window (which had been sitting empty all this time.)  I thought of several ways to raise them to an appropriate height, but never acted on it.  (Just a little lazy, I think.)  

Well this year in Florida, I found some large columns.  Thought twice about transporting them all the way home without breaking them and having plaster crumbs all over the van.  Glad I didn't take that route.  I found them back here and they were even on sale. 

The photo isn't the best.  I wanted to get a picture with the lights on them (but I was too tired to hang around until dark.  Maybe some other time.)  

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