Sunday, April 15, 2012

Why do I let him stay?

My husband is helping our oldest grandson with his science fair project, a potato gun.  (Which I don't think is appropriate for a third grader to make........ but he and I will discuss that when he gets home.)  Anyway, my husband wanted to print out the directions.  As usual, instead of asking for help with the printer he tried it himself.   First he yanked out the external hard drive device without ejecting it first.  Then he set up the printer (and I'm not sure what he did, but it did not work....... except to make loud clacking noises.)  In his defense the printer has done this before and I've never really figured out what it was.  Eventually, after about 20 minutes worth of flipping the printer over and pushing buttons it finally began to work.

So, I went to print out his article and discovered it was seventy pages worth.  (I am not using seventy pieces of paper for something I don't approve of.)  I didn't discover this until after five pages had already printed so I now have more pieces of scrap.  I then found a site that had a mini-potato gun.  Tried to print a PDF version of that and found out that I had to join the web site for $2.00 a month.  Heck with that.

Now you might think this post is about letting my husband stay.  Well it's not.  Instead, I'm questioning why I let my grandson stay overnight so much.  He was trying to help me figure out why the printer wasn't working.  "Grandma, do you have paper in the printer?  Sometimes old people forget to put paper in the printer!"

The operative word was "old people."  He's lucky I love him so much!


Debra Parker AlObeidy said...

This is great! I love your blog and you have so many great ideas for jewelry. When I read this post it reminded me of my daughter, when she was 14, NOT 8 mind you. We were getting our hair cut and styled. I'd gotten what I considered a few grey hairs but after her comment I had to rethink that word "few".

As the lady started to cut my hair, my daughter said to me "oh, Mommy, your hair is so pretty." I was surprised and said well, thank you sweetie. She then followed with "yeah, just like ice sickles on a Christmas tree."

Alice Walkowski said...

That's too funny Debra. Kids can say the funniest things. They make life worth it