Monday, June 25, 2012

Finally a face

Not only was the conference informative and fun, but it was also a time to hook up with current and old friends and finally put a face to those we've only known from a picture on the web.  (Which made it all the more sad to realize that we may not get the chance to share time together again.)

I met many new friends but will share just a few pictures from Saturday night's Gala.

Zoe Nelson was one of the friends I've made over the Internet.  She reads my blog and I read hers.   We comment often on each other's blogs (just to let each other know that someone out there is reading us.)
Zoe was as nice as I envisioned her.  Visit her at 

Coral (on the left...... and darn I can't remember her last name.  It's a good thing Jeanette Landenwitch is sending us an updated list of conference participants.  I won't accidentally delete this one!)  Anyway, Coral is from Pittsburgh and one of Carol's students.  (Strange that I have to go to Kentucky to meet her.)    Carol Scheftic is on the right.  I've mentioned Carol in a previous post.  If you want to know anything about metal clay (particularly the base metal clays and firing) Carol is the one to ask.  

Saturday's Gala included a photo booth where friends could wear an accessory and have their photos taken.  Dona Miller is someone I met at the PMC Connection Retreat at Arrowmont last year.  She is now a Certified Instructor with PMC Connection.  We both took Holly Gage's class in metal clay repousse' and I was interested in the piece she worked on in that class.   Dona and her husband own and raced Siberian Huskies.  (Search for her finished piece in a previous post on this blog.)  I too am a lover of huskies (RIP Sasha Mariah and Hanna Jane!)  Besides the Arrowmont class we are both alumni of Tonya Davidson's first Artful Success class.  

Through Face book, blogs, websites and special interest groups we can all still stay connected.  But it was sad to see the conference end and everyone go their own way.   Was much fun while it lasted!

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Zoe Nelson said...

Hey, Alice! Nice re-cap. I'm so glad to be home, but I miss you and everyone else already!