Tuesday, June 26, 2012

PMC Conference Day 2

Well I'm finally back to posting about the conference sessions.  Friday morning's first session of the day was a trip back in time with Tim McCreight to trace the history of PMC which began in 1995.

The factory where it all began.

Artists meet at Haystack to experiment with this new medium

My first choice of the morning session was "The ABC's of Teaching" with Lora Hart.  Long before the conference, Lora sent out a questionnaire for us to respond to.  My main reason for going to this session was to see what others had to say.  I was an art teacher for 35 years, so basically I felt that there was nothing to learn from this session.  But I was wrong.  Lora brought up some points I hadn't thought of and shared some tips worth trying (like carrying materials for sale in a shoe bag..... multiple pockets and see-through accessibility.)

After lunch I went to see demos by Barbara Becker Simon and Vickie Hallmark who both include glass in their work.  

Barbara's demo included using sheet clay as a bezel with all different kinds of glass and mixing enamel right into metal clay to make colored metal clay.

Vickie showed us how to make a glass cab using a torch and how to work with vitreous enamel in using glass cabs as a canvas for painting.

For the last session of the day I chose "Social Media and your on-line presence" by Susan Dilger.  I had met Susan before (again we were in a class together at PMC Connection's Retreat at Arrowmont in 2009.)  I do use social media (but probably not as much as I should.)  She had lots of information on which site to use for our own specific needs.  For the most part, the theme came through as "If you are not online - you are invisible."  (Those are Susan's words.)  

Now, here is where I should post a picture of Susan making her presentation.  But, instead I am finishing with a picture of her boots.  (The photo came out very dark and I thought it was unusable but thanks to the advanced adjustment tool in IPhoto it is presentable.)  The boots were the first thing I noticed when I sat down.  (How did she get her toes into those upturned pointed toes?)

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Helga van Leipsig said...

I love it that you walk us through your conference experience. What I notice is that everyone picks out their own stuff and when reading about it I am able to see your view. Thanks!