Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Party's Over

My original plan was to post the conference in the order of my participation but instead I'm starting at the end and working backwards.

After fifteen years the National PMC Guild is no more.  Last night was the last official guild event and they went out with a bang.  Rio Grande (a major jewelry making supplier) hosted a gala last night for the guild and it's members, complete with drinks, finger foods, a palm reader, a caricaturist, a photo option, prize give aways, and a goodie bag for all the members.   It sure looked like everyone was having a great time.  I know I did.

Our very own Pittsburgh metal clay guild's Donna Penoyer and one of her many alter egos provided entertainment.

Just one of the many balloon hats created by Donna

Our fearless leader, Tim McCreight was treated to a "Here's your life" slide show.
(That's Tim in front wearing one of Donna's hats.)

Even the Mitsubishi scientists cut loose once in awhile.  Dr. M. Morikawa who lead a team of scientists in the creation of metal clay entertains on the dance floor. 

Many of the members signed a large card in a silver pen to present to the Mitsubishi Corporation. 

Thank you Mitsubishi, Rio Grande and the National Guild for getting us hooked on this amazing medium.

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