Monday, November 26, 2012

A Grand Entrance

When entering the National Transit building, the first thing one sees is the massive copper, black and gold newel posts on either side of the stairs which lead down to the ground floor and the stairs leading up to the first floor.  Going up the stairs are two murals, one on each side, depicting the history of the Standard Oil Company.  It is the main triangular piece of copper from the newel post that was the inspiration for my fourth design.  

In these earrings the post design is cut in half.

The drop in the bottom picture is the new Brilliant Bronze clay by Hadar Jacobson.  
All of the pieces from the newel post are larger pieces.  Nothing dainty here.  


Zoe Nelson said...

Gorgeous, Alice! I really like these.

Alice Walkowski said...

Thanks Zoe

Anonymous said...

Yep, they're lovely interpretations of your surroundings.

Maybe Zoe can come up some time and share in the inspiration: as much as I love my own studio, I do still envy you yours, for just that reason!

Alice Walkowski said...

Yes the building is gorgeous. We will have to encourage Zoe to come and visit some time. I have a great guest room with a king size bed Zoe. Then we could head down to your beautiful, bright studio Carol for a play day. How about it Zoe?