Wednesday, November 28, 2012

One, Two , Three!

Why does one thing always lead to another?  Get a pair of knee socks..... have to buy a pair of shoes to go with them.  Get a new purse...... need a new coat to wear with it.  Make a body ornament...... make a dress to wear it with.  (Actually there are times I feel like I need to make just the right piece of clothing to wear with some of my jewelry.)

I did make a body ornament in college and had to make a long velvet dress to wear with it.  (Think I've mentioned that before.)  Unfortunately I don't have one single picture of the body ornament..... although I think I've still got the dress.  No place to wear such a thing so the body ornament was taken apart.

Using a PPP plate I made in my class in Florida, I made a long bronze piece for a pendant.  I combined that piece with beads from my  trip to Bead Paradise in Oberlin, OH, chain from the Bead Show in Pittsburgh and a really rockin' chain I bought from  The carnelian and jade beads just seemed made for the warmth of the bronze clay.

I really liked the way the necklace turned out.  It's a long one, about thirty inches.  But it just seemed like it needed some friends.  Hence, the second necklace was made from the "fluffy" looking chain from Art Beads.   That chain is twenty one inches long.  Still not enough to make the first chain look complete.

Yesterday I spent about three hours beading the third necklace with more carnelian and jade along with gold plated beads.  Some of the gold beads were rather small which is why it took so long.  That one is twenty four inches long.  But now it looks complete (to me.)

Last time I designed three necklaces to go together, I sold two of them together.  The third was left behind.  That will probably happen again.

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Anonymous said...

You say you designed that third one to have partners: it probably looked lonesome afterwards all by itself ... you know how your jewelry likes to talk!

Anyway, I agree, the "fluffy" chain is loads fun to work with. Lots of great possibilities, as you've shown, both on its own and in a mix.