Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas came early this year!

Christmas came early this year for me.  In fact it came last Friday morning.  There is a good reason why it was early.

 My husband decided that his little fourteen foot fishing boat was just not big enough and that he should have a pontoon boat.  I did my typical resistance, but as usual gave in. He was looking for a used boat but due to some unusual circumstances he wasn't able to get the boat he wanted.  So..... now we are buying a brand new pontoon boat.

With that said, I felt that it was only fair that I get something I've been wanting too.  ....... So I did!  (Actually he owes me for many, many more years to come.)

I got myself a Silhouette Cameo Cutter.  The cutting machines are basically for scrapbook makers and paper artists.  But many metal clay artists are using the machines to cut intricate designs from metal clay.  Probably one of the first artists to do this was Wanaree Tanner who does beautiful base metal pieces.

Michelle Glaeser, one of our Guild members has been using the Silhouette for a while now too.  A few weeks back she gave a demo at one of our play days and it is amazing how small and detailed the cut piece can be.

So far I've only cut one sheet of paper to see if everything worked, but I'm anxious to try the clay.  And, I have a newTransit Design that I've been racking my brain as to how I was going to make it and I think the Silhouette is the answer.

 I have played around with the software program that came with it.  It seems fairly easy as it is a vector program like Adobe's Illustrator program.  I am somewhat familiar with Illustrator which makes it easier to learn.

I'll post more on the Silhouette Cameo as I learn more about it.


Anonymous said...

Yeah!! I can't wait to see what you make!! Anything for the charm exchange?! Hint hint!

Alice Walkowski said...

I'll have to pick your brain at the next guild meeting. So far I've just been playing around learning the program and testing it out on paper. Not quite ready to do the clay yet, but soon.