Monday, March 18, 2013

Unexpected places

Tools can be as inexpensive (or as expensive) as the artist is willing to pay.  The nice thing about working with metal clay is that it does not require expensive tools.  (Which is a good thing, since the clay can be expensive!)

I've got an upcoming class and don't have enough of my student kits with me.  So, it's a scramble to get a sufficient amount of tool sets together.

Some items were easier to just send away for.   Things like tweezers, scalpels and burnishers were easy enough to get while I was ordering clay for the class.  The Home Depot supplied PVC pipe for the roller, while JoAnn Fabrics supplied silkie necklaces and brushes.  Decks of cards, pencil cases, cups, glue, and nail files were found at the Dollar Stores.  (One of my favorite places.)

One of the most difficult things to find was the candle warmers I use to dry the clay.  I couldn't believe how difficult they were to find (but find them I did........ after trying about six different places.)  I also found one of those old warming trays that we all used in the 60's and 70's.  (Guess I just dated myself...... again!)  Now those are hard to find, but the local Thrift Shop was just the place.

Another unexpected place to find tools was Sally's Beauty Supply.  I knew they had nail files (but for what I need the Dollar Store is cheaper.)  But I found some "new" files there that will get into small places, where regular files can not go.  (Didn't buy these for my classes but for me, me, me!)  

They are on a rigid stick and are pretty coarse for quick filing.  

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Zoe Nelson said...

I'll have to look for some of those sanders. They look like they'd come in handy. I use my Grandma's old electric griddle to dry clay during classes.