Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Teaching a class obviously requires a demonstration of techniques and how to use the tools.  When doing a demo the teacher has two choices.  Keep the piece and finish it...... or roll it back up into a ball of clay.  Occasionally I've returned the piece to it's original form, but usually I save it and finish it there or later.

Since I've been doing a lot of classes lately I've got a lot of new demo pieces.  Most of the classes have been Intro classes so the demos are very basic.  (I have a ring class coming up the end of August that is already full...... Yay.  That's what I like to hear.)

Fold over bail pendant.  Learning how to work with clay, texture, shape and set a fire able stone.

 Making a Lentil bead.  This class creates a two-sided piece.  One side
uses left-over paper clay.

Using left over clay to make a simple pair of earrings

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