Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tiny Tools

Yesterday I shared some photos of demo pieces from my latest classes.   The left over clay earrings were not created with a ready made texture.

When first starting out in metal clay, it's easy and fun to use ready made textures.  But, after awhile it becomes rather boring (and expensive.)  Sometimes I make my own textures from polymer clay or PPP plates.  On this pair of earrings I finally used some little tools I purchased years ago from Leslie Tieke when I took my PMC Connection certification class.  I didn't know what they were or how to use them at that time.  I just knew they were cute little kits with cute little tools in them.   (I like little things.)

For these earrings, I created the texture directly on the clay.  Some of the tools are little wheels with different types of edges on them.  The other set of tools are shaped at the end.  The pattern is random as I just rolled over the clay to test them out.  Now that I've finally used them, maybe I'll create a series of textures with them.

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