Monday, November 18, 2013

Oops, I did it again.

Awhile back I shared a post about some crosses I was  making and how one of the CZs I put in the cross had changed color.  In that post the CZ went from emerald green to a topaz color.  It still looked nice.

Today I did it again.  Only this time the CZ was "huge" (twenty dollars worth of huge.)  I was making another cross and pulled out a gorgeous blue topaz trillion.  I hadn't planned on using it in the cross but it was just so stunning sitting there in the middle.

I spent a long time creating the clay bezel, getting it just right and drilling into the cross so the CZ wouldn't sit up so high.  I held my tongue just right.  (Did four crosses and didn't break one.)  Everything was going so well.

I wish I had taken a picture before it went into the kiln.  The blue reminded me of that beautiful blue water in the Carribean.  (Maybe that's why I loved it so much.   I was thinking of keeping the cross for myself.)  I couldn't wait to see how it would look against the silver once it was fired and polished.

But..... I will never know.  Here's what I found when I opened the kiln door.

It's nice...... but $20 CZ nice...... I don't think so.  Maybe I'll just go in the corner and cry,


Zoe Nelson said...

I hate it when that happens! I've never had trouble with blue ones, but have with green ones. To the point that I put all my green CZs in the kiln, by themselves and heated them up. I figure that the ones that stayed green after that will be ok. Let's hope so, anyway. Your cross is still beautiful.

Alice Walkowski said...

I've never had trouble with blue ones before either. Like you it's always been the green. At the time I bought this CZ, I also bought a pink trillion the same size and price. (What was I thinking buying $20 CZs.)
Will plan something different for that one Not going to go through this again..

Anonymous said...

I stopped by at Alice's (first time in months!), and have now seen this piece, polished to a high shine with its gleaming clear trillion, and I want to note that it is beautiful.

I know, it doesn't have the gorgeous blue color Alice was expecting, but if you didn't know that was the plan, you would not be disappointed.

(I'm not sure what to say about price as a result of all that: the CZ is still large and clear and bright. But I can say that the overall piece certainly looks far better than a mere "nice" to me!)

Alice Walkowski said...

Thanks Carol. You mentioned how much better it looked in person than in the photo. I do need to mention that the photo was taken "fresh" out of the kiln when the piece was still white. Now that's it's polished up it looks much different. Will post a picture when the entire necklace is done. As I mentioned to you, I'm getting some blue beads mixed in with the chain to satisfy my need for the blue.

Kim Paige said...

I've heard that for some CZ colors you can put the piece in carbon, fire it again & the CZ turns back to its original color. I haven't tried it personally but since your piece is already fired, would it hurt to try?

Alice Walkowski said...

I might just try that Kim. What have I got to lose? I'll let everyone know how it turns out. Thanks for the info.