Sunday, December 1, 2013

Tis the Season

Well it Tis the Season to be busy...... and busy it is.

Last week I held my annual Open House which despite the weather was nicely attended and my sales outdid last year.  The past five years they have been steadily growing.  I tried to compare my first two years but did some different kind of book keeping then so I wasn't able to separate those sales from my other sales.

This weekend I took part in the SugarCreek Craft Show which has been going on for thirty years.  This was my first year to take part in it.  My tables were positioned right next to Linda Lineman from Lineman's Porcelain paintings.   Linda is another one of the artists in the National Transit Building (in fact she was the very first artist to have a studio.)  Now we have twenty three artists in the building.  So we would sit and chat during the down times and watch each others tables during potty breaks.  (At my age those are pretty frequent....  just sayin!)

My dear cousin, Debi Plyler came out to help too.  She helps me out when I can't be in my studio on Second Saturdays and with an assortment of other tasks.  We started setting up at seven AM and anyone who knows me, knows I am not a morning person.  (It was a long day yesterday.)  Today was a little easier as the doors didn't open until noon.  Debi had one of her migraine headaches and is such a trooper that she toughed it out today until the end.   (She's also a good sales woman; which I am not.)

Here's "Vanna" herself.

The venue is not really suited to my kind of jewelry (and prices) but who knows what may come of it.  It gets my name out there, it's a cheap form of advertising and hey....... we were right by the kitchen.  Yesterday I had a wonderful chicken salad croissant and today vegetable soup.  They had a nice selection of food to choose from.

Sales weren't the greatest but enough to pay the rent for January.  Besides I met lots of nice people, both customers and fellow vendors.  I'm going to do it again next year and who knows, maybe some people will be looking for me.

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