Sunday, February 16, 2014

I smell a ........

I smell a rat!  Well not literally.

But after four years in my studio and never having a problem with leaving packaged food in the vault, there is a rat (or maybe a mouse.)  Something is eating the tootsie pops (may your whiskers stick together) and biting through the bags of peanuts.  The only thing it's not eating is the popcorn.  What's the matter?  Want me to pop it first?

First of all the National Transit Building is by the river so chances are it's a river rat.  (Have you seen the difference between a rat and a mouse?)  With the weather being so, so cold this winter I'm sure they are coming in for the warmth.

Well, he better get out as soon as it warms up.  Cause if I run into him in the close quarters of the vault I'll have a heart attack.  Hopefully John will be in his studio, hear me and come to my aid.  Other wise I might lay there and get nibbled on by the intruder.  (That's a sobering thought.)

Surely I'm not the only one with this problem.  Need to check with the other artists.  An exterminator may be needed.

I hope he doesn't think my metal clay is food.  That's all I would need is for him to nibble on those expensive packages.  From now on I'm keeping the clay in a metal container.  Wonder if he'll eat the polymer clay?  At least it's only $2.50 a package when it's not on sale.

Damn Mother Nature.  Is there no end to the fall out from this winter?

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