Friday, February 21, 2014

That's a First

I taught my first class today for the Fort Myers Alliance for the Arts.  Not only was it my first class for the Center but it was also the first time I had a class finish "BEFORE" the end time.  Not only did they finish before time, but they were one half hour ahead of schedule.  I have never, ever had that happen before.  (Maybe it's the sunshine.)  I don't know but it was amazing.

I hope my students went away with a sense of pride in what they've done and a feeling that they really learned something.  I also want them to have fun in the process.  This was an Intro class so they learned the basics of how to work with the clay.

So, here is some eye candy from my students.  Unfortunately not all my pictures turned out so everyone is not represented.  (I'm sorry.)

Margie and Kelly Nasuta hard at work.

Stacey Brown wearing her creation.  A pendant with bail and CZ.

Husband and wife team, Nancy and Mac Gadway
Mac made the piece above and Nancy made the pieces below.

Margie Nasuta's pendant and earrings.  The earrings are an easy way to use up left over clay.

Donna Posteraro is from my home state of PA.  The class is a Christmas gift from her son.  And she thought she wasn't artistic at all.  I beg to differ.

Unfortunately I have no pictures of the pieces by Darlene Brindell, Annemarie Blue and Kelly Nasuta. But believe me they had nice work.  My photography skills are just less than exemplary.

Another fun day.  Lots of good people and as I said before..... a first!   I just can't get over it.  I'm still dazed.  (I was able to meet my husband and friends at Bubba's for dinner because the class finished early.)


Anonymous said...

Everyone finished early: Wow! That happened to me once, and only once. I'll often have some folks finish early, but usually I have at least one or two who stay and keep playing until the very end.

Were these beauties torch- or kiln-fired? I ask because it's looking almost too bright to be torching ... given how color is used to determine the temperature!

Enjoy the sunshine. (Western PA got a really good dose of sun & warmth today too, BTW.)

Alice Walkowski said...

These were kiln fired. That took about an hour so it was amazing that they finished so early.

Glad it was nice in PA. Enjoy while you can.