Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Eye has it!

Commissions are always a challenge.  Often the challenge lies in what is the customer really looking for.  They have a general idea but the specifics are left up to me and I always worry if my vision will be what they are looking for.  I guess I shouldn't worry about that as the customer is familiar with my work and probably wouldn't hire me if they didn't like my work.

I had a request from another artist to make an "eye" ring for her daughter.  Being an artist herself, she sent me some drawings she had done of what she was thinking about.  (That helps a lot!)  She said I could use my own judgement on the final piece.

I kept pretty much to her idea while adding my own touch to the ring.  And of course the ring made some decisions in it's own design (as usual.)  The ring is large and turned sideways so it will cover three fingers at once.

Even though commissions can be very challenging, they are good because they make me stretch my knowledge and try new techniques.


convergentseries said...

Oh, how delightful!

I can't tell from the angle of this photo how thick are either the top or the ring band, so I can't help but wonder how heavy it is?

Alice Walkowski said...

Not as heavy as one might think. It weighs about 16 grams. Band is 5 cards thick and was made to be adjustable. Basic eye is 5 cards thick also and the lids were made my rolling out the clay and then pressing it. So, I don't know how thick they are. All I know is they are thick.