Thursday, August 28, 2014

Keeping it simple

Finally....... I'm going to do AppleFest this year.

So with the festival being only a month away I'm now in production mode.  I have quite a big inventory all ready but wanted to add some to it.  This week I got into the studio four days and got quite a few fine silver pieces started.   Next time I'm going to work on copper and bronze pieces.

Since I want to keep cost and prices down I decided to keep it simple.  I'm just playing with all the new texture plates I got recently and have some new favorites.

I used the flex shaft to shine all these pieces.  Guess I never did that many at one time before as my fingers were buzzing long after the flex shaft was turned off.

Then I added liver of sulfur to most of them.  I never polished that many at one time either. Going to need to take Aleve tonight.

Don't let it be said that working with metal is easy.


Zoe Nelson said...

Nice work, Alice! I hope you have a great show.

Alice Walkowski said...

Thanks Zoe. I hope so too.