Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Some finished pieces

Darn!  Sometimes finishing the pieces are more work than making them .  Sanding, firing, polishing, and adding findings can be tiring and hard on the fingers.

Here are some of those thirteen pieces all finished up.  (Please pardon my photography skills.)

Nautilus with moonstone

Double teardrop pendant with Swarovski crystal

One of my favorite leaves, the Ginko.  

I'm also trying something new by not offering a chain with the pendant pieces.  The chains really up the price of the piece and are often not the desired length.  This way people can use their own chain or if they want I can make them a chain in their preferred length.  Hoping this will make my pieces more accessible to more people.  


Anonymous said...

How great to see some of your lovely, new pieces!

I know what you mean about how the price of a chain can add to the price of a piece, especially when one wants to offer a chain that "respects" the quality of the hand-made component(s). I hope this new approach works for you: do report back!

Alice Walkowski said...

Will do Carol. I hope it works out too.