Friday, September 12, 2014

Ink Blot test

I spent a little time in the studio today, after the Arts Revitalization meeting and before heading home to make appetizers for the "Dark Arts' opening tonight.

I was working on adding metal clay shapes onto beach glass.  As I was sifting through my scraps of metal clay sheet I kept picking up interesting negative spaces left over from previous punches.  (As you can see there are lots of them.)

So, I pulled out a few and started to play with some designs.  For now they are just ideas, but I plan on completing some of them into finished pieces.  I'll be using textures on the back and adding embellishments to the front.  Think I'll add some CZ's (they are always good for sparkle.)   

They look like ink blot tests don't they?  What do you see?


convergentseries said...

I see what you're saying, but what I see is someone who has waaaay more left-over bits of metal clay sheet than I do!!! I just keep finding little ways to use mine up.

And, this is the second time today I've stumbled across a fellow-artist with a silver stash.

I will admit that I have bits of unused bronze and copper, but silver I get my hands on is used up and turned into inventory as quickly as I can manage....

I do hope "Dark Arts" ends up being a bright spot!

Alice Walkowski said...

The Opening had a good turn out.... so yes it was bright.