Monday, November 30, 2015


Well, it's finally over.  I am over my funk.  There hasn't been a post since February and I'm sure that no one is even trying to read my posts anymore.  But that is okay.  A blog is an online journal (as opposed to a personal diary where everything is private.)  Here is where I can share my life and my work.  I guess this is one year that I won't be publishing my blog in book form (it would be about three pages long.)  Next year's book will be a two year publication.

Let me explain the eleven month absence from the blogger scene.  As you can see by my last post, I was in Florida last year for a vacation.  Whenever I come back from a vacation filled with sunshine and have to return to gray, snowy PA, I get into a funk.  That funk usually lasts about a month and then it's over.  This year it lasted much, much, much longer (as you can tell.)  I never thought it would end, but about a month ago I started to come out of it.  (I have to admit that maybe my husband was right...... we all need to get some form of exercise.)  I started walking on the treadmill every morning before I did anything else.  I don't walk fast but I do keep raising the incline every two minutes.   I've started to cut back on portion sizes and trying to eat better (although I ate lots of popcorn at the movie last night.)

In June, my mother fell and broke her back in two places and I've been taking care of things for them ever since.  I think I was using this as an excuse for my funk too.  How can I go to the studio when I have to buy groceries, take my parents to appointments, run errands, etc.?  Maybe I was feeling sorry for myself.  Poor me.  But I don't feel that way anymore.  I have more energy to take care of them and do the other things I need to do.  I look at this as a way for me to spend more quality time with my parents who are 88 and 92.  I am so lucky to still have my parents.  Many people would gladly trade me places if they could have their parents back.

All in all, I'm feeling good about myself.  My desire to work in the studio is back as strong as ever.  I may not get in there as often as I would like, but I "want to" and that is a good sign.

So, from now on I'm back to blogging.  Back to creating and multi-tasking as usual.  It's a good feeling.

Hope to share more in the weeks to come and more stories about the grandchildren.  Here's something new from the studio.   (Nothing major, just some simple pieces for the holidays.)



Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Alice!

Wendy Daugherty said...

I met you at the Franklin Apple fest this year. I love your work and look forward to your return so I can take a class from you. I am jealous you are in Florida. I am originally from Tampa. Enjoy that sunshine and come back rejuvenated. Looking forward to seeing you in the spring.

Alice Walkowski said...

Thanks Carol and Wendy. It's nice to know someone is reading the posts. Looking forward to seeing you in the spring too Wendy. Give me a call in late April. My cousin is in charge of my studio while I'm gone, so feel free to stop in on one of our Second Saturday Open House
and visit with her.