Wednesday, December 2, 2015

It makes sense!

In a post (long, long, ago and far, far away) I commented on how my husband and I are mountain people.  We love to vacation in the mountains (Gatlinburg, TN to be exact.)  Beach vacations are not out of the question but not my favorite.  I don't like sand up my suit and hot, hot sun on my body (although I do like more summery weather.)  I prefer pools to the ocean as I like to know what is under me.

But for some reason, many of my pieces have a water theme.  I could never figure that one out until a customer helped me this past fall.  She asked me if I was a Pisces.  I am.  Never placed much stock in one's zodiac sign but now I'm not so sure.  It makes sense!

This is one of my favorites....... Diving for Pearls


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Anonymous said...

Hey, I remember liking this piece from Art All Night! I've been wondering, with the relatively warm weather we've been having lately, when we'd get the pay-back, and this also reminds me that we could be freezing again the last weekend in April...